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Explore The Natural Wonders Of Boracay Island

Boracay Island has been described by many visitors as the ultimate beach holiday experience. With a total land area of just over 6.4 square miles, the island's ten exquisite, award-winning beaches certainly justify such high praise. There is, however, more to Boracay than the powdery softness of snow-white sand, or the kaleidoscope of colour beneath cool, turquoise waters. It is as relaxing as you want it to be, or as vibrantly energetic and entertaining as the wildest spirit could demand and a holiday here need not break the bank.

Going to Boracay Island is easy especially if you decide to go there via the Philippines’ capital with the use of cheap flights to Manila. This straightforward strategy adds a sense of practicality adds a sense of practicality to your trip and ensures that you reach your vacation spot without a hitch. Arrival on this remarkable Philippine island brings a true appreciation of sand, sea and surf and a host of other delights.

Main Attractions

The beauty of Boracay inspired the international travel magazine, Travel + Leisure, to name it the  best island in the world  in 2012. An early-morning trip up Mt. Luho will not only provide a spectacular sunrise, but will also make you appreciate the magazine's sentiments. From this, the island's highest point, its breath-taking landscape is laid out like a painted masterpiece. Two-and-a-half miles of bleached softness makes the westward-facing White Beach the most visited tourist attraction. At the opposite end of the island the equally magnificent, east-facing Bulabog Beach hosts Boracay's main site for visiting windsurfing and kite-boarding enthusiasts. The many fine restaurants that line these beaches provide ample opportunities for sampling the region's mouth-watering cuisine.

Feeding the Senses

When your visual sense has been wonderfully catered to, then it is time to take care of gastronomic matters. Restaurants on the island, understandably, serve a large variety of succulent seafood and seasonal vegetables that almost always tempt holiday-makers to overindulge. Open-air, beachside barbeques send enticing aromas of grilling lobster, prawns, squid and calamari wafting hypnotically into the air. Filipino, French and Mexican flavours are only a few of the many taste sensations on offer.
The natural wonders of Boracay Island provide stimulation for every one of our senses and rejuvenation for every weary soul. It is as worthwhile as it is affordable and it will provide memories that will be revisited throughout a lifetime.


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